Independent Commissioning Agent

Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA)

As required by the Green Buildings Council of South Africa

The principle member of Matrix Consulting Services is qualified to perform the role of Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA) as specified by the Green Building Council of S.A.

All ICA’s must be suitably qualified i.e. a Professional Engineer with relevant working knowledge of either designing or commissioning of:

  • HVAC systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Electronic systems (fire)
  • Mechanical systems
  • Building Management Systems/SCADA Systems
  • Lift and Escalator Installations
  • Water Reticulation Systems (domestic, sewage, desalination, grey and black water)
  • Alternative power sources

An independent advising on commissioning & maintenance in support of a building owner and the design team. The ICA produces input at preliminary design stage (Peer review) covering commissioning, maintenance and replacement of building services.

Along with Peer Review, Matrix will also produce a short guide to commissioning/maintenance at detailed design stage, highlighting functionality of all plant for operation as required by the Green Building’s Council of South Africa.

At installation, after the contractors and consultants have commissioned, the ICA is called to witness monitoring and verify the building systems independently.

This independent nature of commissioning provides better installations, more accurate commissioning data and client reassurance that the system installed is done so correctly, and is maintainable.

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