Contract Management

Contract Management

Contract and Service Level Agreement Development

Some services are easier to outsource or contract out. A higher level of service is easier to obtain and the cost can be tendered. Paying for idle time with the associated benefits no longer applies. Contractors submit better prices as a result of a guaranteed annuity income. Benefits are reduced costs, increased focus and ultimately a better service as monitored by Matrix.

Matrix has extensive experience in drafting contract documents and Service Level Agreements to ensure that all parties understand the level of service required and, further that the contractor can meet the criteria.

The ability to physically perform a service is one criteria with other being the inclusion of service provider indemnities, registration with professional bodies where applicable, empowerment, staff and financial capabilities.

The Matrix philosophy is to:

  • Optimise resources
  • Optimise efficiency
  • Optimise costs
  • Speed up response times
  • Ensure the best service from contractors
  • Pro-actively maintain service and equipment
  • Exceed customer expectations

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