CMMS Management

Computerised Maintenance Management System Services

We manage your planned maintenance through our CMMS

Preparing and scheduling planned maintenance for plant and equipment is essential. Tracking and ensuring that work happens on time and is completed correctly by service providers can be a tedious process for a Facilities Manager.

Matrix offers a complete, hosted, CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) for clients. We manage your maintenance and alert you when items are due, instruct the contractor on your behalf and close out that maintenance with reporting.

We digitize your maintenance regime at frequencies as determined by the service intervals for equipment through defined SLA’s or can assist with generating a scope of works for equipment.

Asset Identification and Tracking

All plant and related equipment will be loaded into the CMMS and be assigned an asset ID. We issue you with these labels for identification purposes.

Each piece of equipment can be monitored, and work orders loaded against the equipment for tracking and for planned and scheduled maintenance.

Unplanned work orders or breakdowns can also be loaded against the equipment.

Scheduled Maintenance

Once all equipment is loaded in the CMMS, scheduled maintenance is then  assigned to all items of equipment.

This will be customised for each piece of equipment. SLA activities will be loaded against the equipment for the correct scheduling of maintenance.

An example:

An FCU would require a quarterly service. This can be set that every quarter the FCU is due for service. A reminder is then emailed to the users on the system and a notification is sent to the selected staff who have the mobile app.

Matrix manages this process and closes out work orders.

Unplanned Maintenance / Breakdowns / Work Orders

When a breakdown occurs, a works order can be manually generated from the CMMS and assigned to the asset.

Work orders are important for tracking problems which occur and helps with the system’s reporting.

Work Requests

A unique URL is assigned to the system where “guest” users can also submit work requests – all within reason.

An example could be where something that has broken/failed in the common area of the building.

This would be sent to the system manager (Matrix) and can be either accepted or rejected.

If accepted, a works order will be generated with a works order number.


The system has a number of different kinds of reports and can be setup to be automatically sent as a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

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