Project Management

The Principle member of Matrix has been involved with all projects undertaken by Old Mutual Properties up to Y2005. This included buildings upgrades, replacement of capital equipment, tenant installations and new Property Development. The largest project worked on was the Gateway shopping and entertainment Complex in Umhlanga, north of Durban.

Project Management Objectives

· To holistically manage projects

· To protect the Client’s interests at all times

· To monitor Contractor performance

· To ensure service elements are correctly selected and installed

· To explore cost saving opportunities and staying abreast with new technology.

Project Management Methodology

· Establish a project team

· Define the project scope

· Develop and manage a detailed project schedule

· Develop and manage a detailed costing schedule

· Regular meetings with project team

· Regular feedback to the Client

· Progress audits of work completed

· Collate all project documentation (Specifications, drawings, guarantees, etc.)

· Achieve efficient hand over of project to Client. The Value of the advice must play a significant role throughout the complete life cycle of an asset and not only in the ongoing maintenance phase. The realisation of the investment could be compromised through strategic and design constraints.

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