Peer Reviews

Peer Reviews are aimed at assisting Property Owners, Property Managers and Asset Managers in ensuring that designs of the services disciplines undertaken by Professional Consulting Companies are done correctly and in a cost effective manner. The results will ensure that operating costs and risks are reduced for owners, managers and landlords.

Peer Reviews is an independent activity undertaken on behalf of the client.

This is an activity that covers:

  • Electrical Design
  • Mechanical/Air conditioning designs
  • Lifts/escalator/travelator installations
  • Building water systems
  • Building Management and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition systems)
  • Fire designs
  • Energy Management and Analysis

The target market for Peer Reviews are property owners who have their own portfolios, Listed Funds and Managing Agents who plan for new developments and refurbishments.

Matrix Consulting Services often work with in house technical staff of clients and mentors the teams in the process.

This is very appealing to large institutions as in house teams gain the benefits of the design reviews and interaction with Professional Consulting

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