Facilities Management

There are a number of services required in a business to create an environment that is conducive to optimum staff performance. These services include the successful operation of equipment such as air-conditioning, electrical equipment,manufacturing equipment in an industrial environment, as well as the “soft” services that provide a clean and secure environment.

Most companies employ outside contractors to maintain these services.  These contractors need to be managed effectively both in performance and cost control. Matrix Consulting has extensive experience in ensuring the optimum performance of contractors through careful selection. This includes Facilities Management Companies and contractors that maintain plant, equipment and the soft services as well as technical services – repair, maintenance, upgrade and replacement of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural services, and soft services – cleaning, security, pest control, hygiene, waste management and landscaping.

The management of the technical services include:

· Asset surveys

· Condition audits

· Energy Management

· Risk Assessment & Management

· Building Inspections

· Mechanical and Electrical consulting

· Consulting on the outsourcing of services

· Computerised Maintenance Management applications

· Maintenance philosophies (RCM)

· Financial viability studies

· Life-cycle costing

· Budgeting

· Quality Management

Computerised Maintenance Management Systems are used to manage equipment and services, monitoring maintenance performed, service periods, guarantees and to facilitate the tracking of failure trends on critical and expensive equipment. This information greatly assists in the development of maintenance philosophies and policies. Financial viability studies, life cycle costing are achieved through extensive benchmarking information gathered over a long period of time, based on retail, commercial and industrial property management. Risk assessments are undertaken by competent staff that has an in-depth knowledge of all relevant regulations. These assessments are necessary on an ongoing basis to not only ensure compliance with the relevant fire and building regulations and OHSAct, but also to protect the value of the asset.

Quality Control is an essential part of facilities management. Matrix Consulting ensures compliance with the following standards:

· Occupational Health and Safety Act

· SABS 0400 (National Building Regulations)

· SANS 0142-1 & 0142-2  (Electrical)

· SABS 0147  (Refrigeration & Air Conditioning)

· SABS 0252  (Water & Sewerage)

· SABS 0139  (Smoke Detection)

· South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) Standards



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